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The Safdies and Adam Sandler

Uncut Gems feels like an unbridled plunge into the chaos of life on the other side of the tracks. The Safdie brothers’ portrayal of pure chaos deeply penetrates the minds and psychology of the audience. However, it appears that this chaos stems from a multitude of unpredictable choices.

The role of Howard Ratner, played by Adam Sandler, seems like a spontaneous choice. Howard is a fast-talking gambler who also owns a shop in New York’s diamond district. The ceaseless hustle and the unexpected disasters that loom over the Safdie brothers’ films can be a tiring and turbulent experience for the audience. However, it’s also noteworthy that the Safdies expertly build tension, orchestrating the film to explode at precisely the right moments.

The Safdies have woven Howard’s life into an ongoing auditory and visual tapestry. The film is an intricate collage of dialogues that interrupt cell phone calls, draw the attention of law enforcement, and seek to collect Howard’s overdue debts with the bookie. This constant disharmony within the film keeps the audience in a state of both fear and excitement, perpetually on edge. The Safdies have skillfully ensnared their audience, compelling them to watch like a pendulum swinging back and forth.

The Summary

Howard donned a flashy leather jacket paired with a two-tone shirt, its label still dangling from his collar. His decorative glasses accentuated a trimmed beard, and his watch added definition to his biceps as he briskly traversed the Diamond District, engaged in rapid conversation on his cell phone.

A rare, uncut, sizable black opal from Ethiopia held the promise of a lifetime stake. However, when the opal finally arrived at the showroom, other businesses complicated matters. Demany, Howard’s employee, who had evolved into his liaison with athletes and artists, ushered in pro-basketball star Kevin Garnett. Garnett beheld the opal and sensed its power. He resolved to make it an aid for his game with the Boston Celtics.

Meanwhile, Howard was hesitant to part with the opal, but he recognized that such a transaction would grant him a betting advantage. The clock ticked on.

Howard’s residence was situated in a house on the outskirts of town, although Howard himself was more of a symbolic presence. After work, he returned home to see the children, all while using the pretext of additional work. He then headed to the apartment in the city center, where he cohabited with Julia. Julia, a young woman working for him in the showroom, served as a salesperson who explored the nightlife to identify potential customers.

The Self-destructive of Safdies

The Safdies have mastered the art of weaving tales centered on anxiety and depression, featuring self-destructive protagonists. In their films, every main character experiences their downfall through a rapid succession of ill-fated decisions. Their storytelling mirrors the relentless pace of their familiar New York neighborhood, drawing inspiration primarily from Martin Scorsese’s After Hours, a nightmarish comedy that never seems to end. This parallels the experiences of the central characters in the Safdies’ films.

In Good Time, where Robert Pattinson takes on the role of the protagonist, the film narrates the story of a desperate criminal. This film bears the closest resemblance to Uncut Gems in terms of structure, narrative, character study, and tone. Characters portrayed by Sandler, Pattinson, and others in the Safdies’ films are perpetual schemers. They exploit every relationship and character they encounter before ultimately burning out, relentlessly seeking new avenues.

The Safdies have essentially replicated Scorsese’s early trademark style on the streets of New York, particularly noteworthy considering that Scorsese himself served as the executive producer. Their work has garnered more than mere recognition for echoing Scorsese’s style; they have succeeded in creating intriguing variations, achieving a unique creative contribution.

The Influence

In the opening sequence, the film begins its story at the Welo mines in Africa, setting the stage two years before the main events unfold. An Ethiopian Jewish tribe stumbles upon a rare black opal. After carefully extracting the rough gem from the rock, they examine the prismatic colors inside. This shot evokes comparisons to the classic Indiana Jones films, where the hero’s face is revealed alongside a dazzling treasure. However, a more fitting comparison might be when excavators discover mosquitoes trapped in amber, reminiscent of Spielberg’s influence in replicating Indy’s iconic glowing shot. Deep within the petrified sap lies genetic material that would eventually bring dinosaurs back to life in Jurassic Park.

The opal itself may seem small and unremarkable, with its rainbow-like appearance. However, in Uncut Gems and its portrayal of life on the other side of the tracks, these gems unveil endless layers and colors. As the Safdie brothers delve deeper into the opal, it becomes an exploration of an expansive, psychedelic universe, akin to Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. The opal carries with it both good luck and, perhaps, some catastrophic force, encapsulating the vastness of the universe within its seemingly insignificant form.

The Metamorphosis

The transition from the opal’s mesmerizing colors to Howard’s sphere induces an immediate sense of apprehension, reminiscent of the Coen brothers’ films, particularly A Serious Man and No Country for Old Men. Howard grapples with a profound sense of purposelessness in his life, reluctantly agreeing to loan the opal to Garnett, who sees it as a good luck charm rather than a diamond-studded championship ring. Despite this brief exchange, Howard’s plans hinge on the opal for upcoming auctions. He anticipates the gem to fetch nearly a million dollars, particularly due to Garnett’s interest. The sudden presence of a basketball player foreshadows Howard’s fate with the opal.

Initially, Howard departs from his shop to temporarily pawn Garnett’s ring, securing $21,000 for a bet on Garnett’s game. Although it represents a bold move in Howard’s ongoing machinations, he yearns for a personal triumph amidst the numerous minor victories scattered throughout the Safdies’ suspenseful narrative. These moments of success allow the audience to grasp the depth of his addiction.

The Specializes of Safdies

The Safdies specialize in portraying the dramatic conflicts between antagonistic characters. Howard, in particular, is a character whose drama is portrayed creatively as he engages in a series of high-stakes shell games, injecting dramatic intensity into his life. He devises cunning lies to evade threats from his creditors, and this constant interplay between money and debt infuses the protagonist’s existence with a narrative of life-or-death crises.

Much like Good Time, Uncut Gems, with its depiction of life on the other side of the tracks, is a thrilling experience, even as the audience grapples with the morally complex and desperate journey of the anti-hero. Thanks to the Safdies’ meticulous attention to detail in the tense scenes and Daniel Lopatin’s hypnotic score, the film never fails to captivate. Sandler’s performance is so compelling that it nearly makes the audience forget any reservations, striking a perfect balance between disgust and charm. This serves as a testament to the intricacies of the Safdies’ storytelling.


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