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Doom-style Combat

Rage received mostly tolerable reviews upon its release in 2011. Many panned it for its weak story with an overemphasis on vehicles, aside from some critics praising the combat. Critics and fans alike expected the impossible. On the one hand, they wanted a classic first-person shooter, meaning the graphics had to be great, and the gameplay had to be flawless. However, they wanted something that could compete with the best modern games offer.

Rage is a good game, being a brilliant action shooter. In the worst case, it is a flawed gem, a game full of great ideas that did not work. The result is stunning, at least in terms of display quality and the thrill of combat. They were able to perfectly shape a world that is trying to bounce back after destruction. However, Doom-style combat is id Software’s forte. It can be said; Rage became the most beautiful post-destruction-themed game in the 2010s.

In an exciting addition, the game is a first-person shooter game. We will play as usual shooter games, namely fighting enemies in real-time, trying not to die, and looking for bullets. The game also adds vehicles to make the game more interesting. Its main features are the ability to upgrade weapons and make the equipment we can use in battle and take quests.

Post-disaster Games

Even though it looks like other post-disaster games, Rage gives a lot of role-playing elements to its gameplay. We cannot level up and set skill points to improve our character. In addition, the game prioritizes action shooting games with a semi-open sandbox world. The game world we can explore seems free and wide enough, like Fallout 3. However, it is not that free and not that big.

Even so, we can find hidden areas with additional quests if we explore them. Fantastic gunless action shooter games will make the game feel bitter. Therefore, the game provides a great choice of weapons. The choice of weapons we can use is similar to other shooter games. However, the effect on enemies hit by our shots makes the game fun for us to play. For example, the shotgun will throw enemies who dare to approach us because of its awesomeness.

Apart from that, the sniper also makes enemies wish they were not peeking from their hiding holes. Apart from just weapon effects that make the game enjoyable, we can also find a variety of stronger bullets with various uses. For example, we can use Fatboy bullets with the same power as sniper bullets in a gun.

The Battle

Likewise, with shotguns that fire rocket bullets, we can use specific bullets to manipulate the environment. Then, we can also control enemies hit by Mind Control arrows and use them to attack other enemies from behind. We can also upgrade weapons in Rage by buying the parts we need at the shop. Unfortunately, the number of parts we can use to improve the weapon varies slightly.

So, new types of bullets and more powerful weapons are our only hope to defeat the enemy efficiently. Weapons that are supposed to become One Hit Kill when hit in the head, such as snipers and crossbows, change to Two Hit Kill after meeting with enemies halfway through the game. Killing enemies by stealth is also inefficient because other enemies will secretly see the enemies we have killed.

Another exciting game feature is the ability to create something from our collected objects. When adventuring, we often encounter objects we cannot use, such as gun barrels, batteries, and wires. We can make something constructive if we find or buy a recipe related to the object. We can design many things, from bandages to heal wounds to make bullets and attack robots. Apart from making things useful for battle, we can also make something worthwhile outside of battle.

Car and Racing

We can make tools for opening locked doors. We can find essential recipe ingredients, special bullets, and other new weapons. In addition, we can also make drinks to increase the body’s resistance level. However, the essential ingredients to make it are difficult for us to get, and we must dare to explore dangerous areas. The car is the primary medium in exploring the vast game world of Rage.

These vehicles are necessary for us to last long when facing enemy cars. Besides, we do not want to waste much time just trying to reach the mission site. Therefore, cars are one of the most valuable features in the game. To get a high-capacity and good car, we must be willing to spend time on the race track. In the racing arena, participating is the only way to upgrade our car into an efficient fighting tool.

Buying high-end car equipment requires special money, such as shot-resistant car bodies, tire spikes, rocket guns, faster engines, and racing tires. We can only get a currency called Racing Certificate from racing. The types of races in the game also take various forms where we can participate in Time Trial races that require us to beat the best time.

The Race Track

We can also find races against other cars in it. Other, more dangerous racing variations, such as the rocket race, add the danger of being attacked by enemy rockets while on the race track. Unfortunately, races we manage to complete on top devices will give us only a little point. We must carry out missions rewarded with Racing Certificates, such as missions to destroy enemy cars while exploring.

What would a shooter action game be like without the presence of an enemy to target us? The enemies we meet in the game have a variety of variations, both in form and in terms of attacks. Usually, the game determines the variety of enemies from the area where we find them. If we are in the Ghost area, we will find a group of bandits that are easy to defeat. In other cases, we will find ruthless enemies in the Jackal and Gearheads area with various deadly weapons.

Nothing is more terrifying than an attack by Authority and Mutants. The Authority is similar to the government that came to power after the destruction hit the world. Therefore, they have the most advanced equipment and weapons. On the other hand, Mutants are humans who have mutated into dangerous and fast monsters.

Armed Enemies

In Rage, the battle against armed enemies is eye-catching. The reason is that the enemy is clever and allows themselves to be targeted by the player. They will try to fight in groups, retreat for the help of friends when left alone, throw grenades to disrupt our positions, and take cover. Even though it feels more challenging than ordinary shooters, it makes the game fun and exciting.

We also have to recognize the correct weapon type to defeat certain enemies. For example, we should use melee weapons to defeat enemies who attack with melee weapons. Shotguns are the best solution when Mutants surround us. However, we also have to be adept at using long-range weapons while taking cover when fighting enemies who use firearms. Because we will only last long when fighting the enemy by taking cover.

In short, Rage concentrates on action shooter games that do not require a mix of role-playing elements, as we often find. However, it still has exciting features that make the game even sweeter. Players can make their equipment from junk, collect more powerful bullets, and play additional missions, vehicles, and races that are not inferior to racing games.


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